Do Me I Do You

A banker went to a Yoruba restaurant in Ibadan to eat.

Banker: What do you have?

Waiter: Amala, Ewedu, Gbegiri, Ofada Rice, White Rice, Efo Riro, Akara, Iyan, Ewa Agayin, Moi-Moi, Eba, egusi , Obe Ata…

Banker: Okay… Bring a plate of Ewedu and Gbegiri with Amala, put 2 ogufe, 1 shaki, 2 ponmo, 2 abodi, 1 roundabout and pack 2 Ofada Rice with beef and Obe Ata takeaway….

Waiter: Oga Sorry Sa, awa food don finish.

Banker: (angrily) Why then did you tell me that long menu?

Waiter: (smiling) Oga Sa, Shebi when I come to your bank ATM; after asking me for English or Yoruba, withdraw or check balance, PIN, savings or current, amount, print receipt, no receipt, your ATM go come tell me say,

Temporarily Unable To Dispense Cash

Shebi now you know how e take dey pain pesin

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